Program and Curriculum Analysis

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"
Benjamin Franklin

As with all investments, it is important to understand all we can about what we are investing in. It is also important that we do our best to understand questions of who, what, where, how and why when it comes to education.

Who are or should be educators?
Who are or could be learners?

Who are we as an organization?

Who do we want to be known as?

What is the purpose of this course, program, or training?

What changes need to be made in our curriculum?

What is working well? What is not?

What opportunities exist?

Where should we look for students?

Where are there needs not being met?

Where are we strong and where do we need help?

Where do we want to be 1, 5, or 20 years from now?

How can we become the organization we want to be?

How well is our curriculum doing what we want it to?

How is our plan or structure working?

How can we do better?

Why are we doing what we are doing?

Why does problem x keep happening?

Why are our numbers declining?

Why should we change?

The staff at Social Research and Education Group have years of experience working in education, and as such have become experts in understanding educational structures, program design, or curriculum development, and many other aspects of education.


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